5 Essential Tips to Successful Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

To many visitors, gorilla trekking in Uganda is not easy as compared to the activity done in the Virunga Region. This is largely due to the terrain. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is characterised with many hills and valleys. The hike to the gorillas involves several climbs and sloping! For those who are preparing to carry out a gorilla trek in Uganda, below are some of the vital points that apply.

Before the gorilla trek

There is only a maximum of only 8 people that are also allowed to visit a give group of the habituated gorillas per day. This also helps in reducing the exposure to human borne diseases. Also wash your hands before going into the forest to track the gorillas.

Along the way to tracking the gorillas.

As you are in the forest, keep your voices low so that you avoid scaring away the mountain gorillas and many other animal species. You shouldn’t leave rubbish in the forest, whether you come with into the forest should be carried back with you when you are leaving, the ranger will also be able to take you where the gorillas were the previous day and from here you will be able to follow the trail. Also as soon as you meet the gorillas, the guide will give you an alert to get ready for the activity.

When you are with the mountain gorillas.

You also keep a distance of about 7 to 9 m away from the gorillas so that to make them feel relaxed, when you face the gorillas, you must also stay in a group and always don’t stay alone in order to avoid risking, you also have to keep you voice down as you can but don’t fear of asking the guides questions you feel like, you are also not allowed to smoke, drink or eat when with the gorillas, this could also increase the risk of transmitting diseases.

You must follow the instructions of the guide when with the gorillas. When the gorillas charge, just squat down and then avoid looking directly into its eyes, you are also not supposed to use Flash camera when taking photos and remember to move slowly and carefully to avoid irritating the gorillas. You are also not allowed to touch the gorillas since they are wild animals, you are also only allowed 1 hour with the gorillas as you observe their behavior and taking the photos. You should also keep your voices down and 200m away from the gorillas.

The General health Rules:

Try to respect the time limit for the tourists to spend the mountain gorillas and this will also help in limiting the risk of transmitting the diseases, avoid going for the trek when sick, always keep a distance of about 7m from the gorillas, and you shouldn’t leave rubbish in the forest

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