Safety Precautions for Tourists Visiting Uganda

These are some personal security and safety tips for staying safe and secure in Uganda. Uganda is the safest countries in Africa. This country might even be safer than your country of origin most especially if you are on safari. You will find much information on various websites as regards how safe Uganda is for travel. The websites are outdated and don’t understand the current state in the pearl of Africa. This country is also one of the friendliest countries in Africa. There are no terrorist attacks in this Uganda.

You should never act lost even though you are actually lost. This might sound a bit funny but when you act and look lost, they make themselves very vulnerable and a great target to the thieves. In case you are lost, always a police officer or go into a shop and ask for the directions. The other option is to jump on a boda Boda Motorcycle Taxi and then have them take you to your final destination. These thieves also look in any town in Kampala for the people who seem lost, disoriented and in case you are lost, act as if you know where you are going. You can also ask the right people and you will be helped and be fine.

Always remember to keep your jewelry at home; take the inexpensive jewelry with you. The gold chains and the jewelry can be torn from you. Avoid the expensive watches and in case you are wearing one. Have one preferably with a leather strap bag that can be tightened and safely worn. Get chance to buy some of the local products and support the local artisan and their families and you will safe keep your expensive items at home and at the same time that makes a difference in Uganda through your purchase of the local hand crafted items.

Remember to keep your money out of sight; it’s better to carry your money in the front pocket where you can be able to put your hands over it and not in a back pack were it can easily be stolen. Don’t put on belted packs for money and valuables that are worn on the outside of your garments. Always don’t flash money, pull out what you need and pay and never carry large amounts with you. Leave the much money and the valuables in your hotel safe box.

Always don’t carry your passport on you. In case of anything, make a copy of it and leave the original in the hotel to be safe. In case you are going for the safari, keep all the things in a small back pack that you can easily carry with you. Even though you are going for the game drive, always carry the back pack with you.

Always protect your photographic equipments. Keep these in the bag and strap it to yourself. Ad when taking pictures, hold it with hands and roll strap around your hands so no one can take it from you. Never put the camera over the shoulder on a strap, the same with the binoculars if you should take them into town.

Protection of your mobile cell phone is so important; keep your mobile cell phone in your pocket and don’t carry it in your hands. In case you carry it in your hands, someone might tale a cigarette burn your hand and you drop the phone when pain strikes and its gone. Don’t put ii on the table in the restaurant or bar since again someone might just come and grab it. The mobile phones are stolen on a daily basis in Uganda so you need to hold it tightly. This is the most common thefts in the country. The smart phones are the most sought after by the thieves and they will steal them in a restaurant.

Mind yourself when walking at night; keep it to a minimum and its usually safe on a crowded street, and its best to be with a Ugandan or someone who knows the country and anyways. Don’t walk alone in most of the neighborhoods to be on the safe side.  It’s always not common to rob a visit in Uganda but it’s better to be wise and smart to avoid walking at night in a place, town that you don’t know.

About visiting the slums; the slums in Kampala happen to a place of misery and you can find a few people who wouldn’t have the best intentions in mind when it comes to dealing with you. Most of these people that live in the slum don’t like it but it’s due to the circumstances of life. Visiting these slums is not advised unless you are visiting a school, an NGO, a charitable organization like an orphanage.

About the gay travels in Uganda; recently the anti gay bill was passed and 97% of the Ugandans concurred with the decision. The country has been in the news for many years about the anti-gay bill and it had an impact on Uganda’s image in the world even though it is one of 38 African countries and over 80 worldwide with strong anti-gay laws. This also means that the guy people are welcome to Uganda as long as they keep the culture and traditions of the country up.

Any woman traveling on her own is quite safe and in Uganda, a no to some flirting by the men will usually stop any further irritations. You can be proposed to and take it as a compliment and a firm no thanks will work well. In case you travel with us, you will surely be safe as a women.

You need to use some common sense at times. Most times, you need to keep aware and watch each other. Always think if you would do what you want to do at home, then don’t do it here in Uganda. Also keep your guard up when on your own along with common sense. Many of the visitors love their time in Uganda and so will you, along with some practical common sense. Your basic natures will keep you safe and sound in Uganda, common sense can be your only guide.

The self-drive tours in Uganda; in case you want to rent a vehicle in Uganda and drive yourself, our great advice is you to forget it because Uganda has got the second highest accident rate in Africa. The country has got many international traffic laws, but the problem is that not everyone follows them this means that you leave the driving to professional guides who are used to these roads.

When using public transport; always avoid eating from the buses especially from the strangers since most of these are thieves. Even the US Embassy advises against taking food or drinks on bus. You are probably mush safer taking the roadside food being offered as the bus pulls over for the pits stops or the fuel. The buses are also involved in simply bad accidents in Uganda due to the high speeds that they travel at.

Having a night out in Kampala; going out in Kampala is usually safer and always keep your drink close to you and watch that no one puts something in it.  There are always incidents where people have been robbed after being drugged in a bar where they were enjoying from the night life in Kampala. The tourists in Uganda are much safer since tour companies put in much efforts in protecting them. You will also find much information on internet about the safety in Uganda.