Why Road Trips In Uganda Are Not For Everyone

Uganda self Drive

When it comes to road trips in Uganda, the most challenging bit of it when you are required to make a plan on your own and getting that you are familiar with what is in Uganda. Whereas it is considered one of the best ways to explore this spectacular destination, it may not apply to all travelers as explained below;

Driving takes longer time

If you have ever traveled before in Uganda, you realize that most the protected areas where most tourists travel for their experiences are a bit far a part from Kampala city centre. This means you have to spend longer hours while driving on dusty or murram roads and the worst bit of it is when the car that are using is very slow. The best option for longer trips can be direct flights of which this can also be costly.

You have to plan everything on your own

When it comes to planning for a road trip in Uganda, it means you have to carry your own cross to make your journey successful. This involves planning which road to pass, transportation means-which car to use and hours to spend while driving. To some people, this can be simpler whereas other can find it very challenging.

You are required to park the vehicle

In most cases, it is easy to get parking space in big towns and this can be stressing for some people. In addition the high costs of parking also drive away people from taking a road trip and the whole journey totally won’t be that interesting.

The trips can be costly when it comes to road trips

For self drive trips specifically, a road trip may take nearly all the money and you remain with nothing for parking, meals, lodging and gas refilling.

The bad weather

There is nothing hurting compared to traveling in misty or foggy areas or muddy places after it has rained. Some areas can flood and you will really find it challenging to cross.

Wear and tear on car can also cost on you

The worst bit of a road trip is when the car breaks down while you are enjoying the ride and there is no mechanic in the nearest centre. This at times happens with older vehicles which tend to break down at anytime. Before renting a car in any car hire company make sure that you check or consider hiring vehicle that is a bit new and in better mechanical conditions otherwise you will incur a lot more while on road trip in Uganda.

Traveling by car isn’t that cheap

Not every means of transportation reach to every destination in Uganda for instance the taxis or the buses and if you opt for this, you can find it costly to connect up to the park where the actual adventure is conducted. As well, you may not be well versed with the area and finding the accommodation becomes a challenge. This means that you will need a travel with your camping gear which is simpler by car compared to bus or train.

Personal decision making

Whereas some people find it easier to make their own decisions, this may not apply to all as some people can easily run short of ideas. The most challenging areas when it comes to road trip is making a calculation for yourself and adding the travel costs prior making the final decision to destination of your choice.

In conclusion, before embarking on a road trip in Uganda, you need to first consider your interest in the destination as well as transportation choices. This can save you from the hassle of getting the best car to help you transverse in Uganda.